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Monday, August 5, 2013

☁ Heaven is a place on Earth with you ☼

This summer has literally dashed by, and I will be starting my first year in college in less than two weeks! Knowing who I will be rooming with and things like that are making me more excited to begin school. OH AND I HAVE REALLY EXCITING NEWS! I'm going to Morocco for my birthday/Christmas break this year! I am soooo excited and cannot wait to get there already. Hopefully, I will be able to blog and take lots of pictures for you guys! Not only that, but I will also be going to London afterwards with my sister and explore the city on our own! I'm sad that my summer is almost over and I haven't really done anything memorable, but I am really glad I was able to spend lots of time with some of my best friends that I will miss a lot when I go to NY :( I'm also glad that fall and winter is coming up, and I can finally pull out my chunky sweaters and long sleeve shirts to combat the hostile New York weather.

Love always,

Outfit Details
Top: Old Navy
Cardigan: Topman
Pants: h&m
Shoes: Converse