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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Denim for Days

I am starting to notice so many old school trends come back to life recently, and it's only making me realize once again that fashion inevitably repeats itself. It is a cycle that is constantly evolving and progressing and I am just so fascinated by it all. How awesome is it that you can expect something that is considered atrocious now in the fashion industry could make a comeback years from now? For example, the whole New Balance/ Adidas shoes trend is back and it is fire. Everyone has gotten their hands on some Adidas Superstar shoes and it is so interesting because I remember having them in middle school/ high school and throwing them away because they became out of style. Now I wish I still had them because that vintage, retro trend is really in right now. In fact, I just ordered myself a new pair on Urban Outfitters, so check these out if you are also looking for some cool sneakers/ tennis shoes. Super stoked for these to come in the mail because I have so many ideas in my head on how I will be styling them.

Another trend that's been coming back stronger than ever is dungarees, aka a fancier term for overalls. Over the summer, I came across a pair of dope overalls at the thrift store when I was shopping in downtown Santa Barbara, CA. They were actually pants when I bought them, but I decided to cut them into shorts so I could wear them for the summer. I would recommend going to thrift stores for overalls rather than paying $80+ at a retail store because it's not worth it. It's a trend, a fad, a style that is temporarily trendy and will eventually go out of style. For timeless and classic pieces, I will pay more money to invest in something that will last me a long time. However, for trend pieces that I know I won't be wearing a few months from now, I choose to go for a cheaper alternative.

On another note, I am actually a style guru on CollegeFashionista now and will be posting many of my looks on there so make sure to check out my page! Here is a little preview of my denim dungarees look for my style guru bio post:

(Read full article here)

Follow me on Instagram @believeinyourselfies for more outfit details! Hopefully I can get back on that blogging grind and post on here regularly again.

Love Always,