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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

He's just a Wallflower.

Today was the second day of school, and so far college has been...not exactly what I had expected. Initially, I thought it was going to be easy leaving home and family, but it really has been hard for me to adjust New York life/college life. Talking to my family on the phone is the best way to relax for me now rather than going out and partying like everyone else is doing. My classes have been amazing and I have met so many nice people! I'm just really scared for winter to hit New York because I will definitely not be able to withstand the weather with the one coat that I currently own. Good thing I am going shopping this weekend! My schedule is pretty spaced out, so I have an hour or two in between each of my classes, which gives me some time to relax and listen to music. I really really miss California and all my friends back home, but I need to prove to myself that I can do this even without my strongest support systems. It is weird to see how differently people from the East Coast interact with others compared to people on the West Coast. Aside from struggling to adjust emotionally, I am definitely enjoying the freedom that I am having in college.

I am super SUPER excited for Vampire Weekend on the 20th! Going to be seeing them perform at the Barclays Center in NYC and that is going to be my first concert! I have dedicated my concert virginity to VW....totally worth it though!

Trying to get used to college is really damn difficult, but at the end of the day, it's what you make of the experience. I choose not to be sad and grumpy, and simply enjoy the time I have here. I'm sure everything will turn around as soon as I start opening myself to new doors and embrace uncertainty. Surprisingly, it hasn't been as cold as I thought it would be in New York yet! I'm actually kind of looking forward to the cold weather and to seeing some snow.

Love Always,

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