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Sunday, March 16, 2014

From me to you

Dear friends,
It's been a long time since I've updated. To be quite honest, I wanted to delete this blog because I simply lost passion for blogging. I forgot how good it felt to translate my emotions into words through this outlet and allowing my readers to see my raw, genuine self. Not only have I been busy with school, but I am also kind of a mess emotionally with my personal life. Having just returned from spring break, I have had the opportunity to replenish and recharge myself by going to NYC for a few days. The quick but well needed getaway was definitely an amazing experience as it always is every time I go. Dined at a lot of high end restaurants and did a lot of shopping- how typical of me. The highlight of my trip was definitely getting my septum pierced. For about two years now I have wanted to get it pierced, but never had the balls to just go for it. Strolling on St. Marks Place and just absorbing the vibe made me want to do it. My friend got her nose pierced too and my other friend got her industrial and tattoo done. Though these were spontaneous decisions, I definitely do not regret my septum piercing because I needed a change. I think it looks BADASS and I don't really give a fuck what other people think of it.

Tino from Whatever Tattoo pierced my septum.

Shirt: Urban Renewal
Denim Vest: Levi's
Necklace: Topshop
Pants: h&m
Shoes: Doc Martens

Honestly, the septum piercing did not hurt that much at all. It was really quick and easy, and definitely worth the $35! My septum did not swell or get infected afterwards at all, and is not as hard to maintain/clean as I thought it would be. I am absolutely in love with this new look and would recommend anyone who wants it to JUST DO IT. Because this was my first piercing ever, I was really scared and apprehensive about the whole process since I have heard many horror stories about piercings. I will definitely be back for another piercing or tattoo in the future, and I totally recommend you guys checking out WHATEVER TATTOO in St. Marks Place in NYC. The place is dope, the tattoo artists are super chill and nice. My friends and I stayed at the tattoo parlor for three hours just hanging out and talking with the people who work there even after all of our piercings/tattoo were done. I definitely want to try a snake bite piercing or eyebrow piercing in the near future.
This NYC trip has been swell, and definitely memorable. I will be back in NYC in May for the Lady Gaga concert in Madison Square Garden, which I am super stoked about. I am seeing J. Cole perform at my school on March 21st, and Hardwell on April 15th; therefore, I will be plenty occupied until the end of my first year in college.
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Love Always,